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12004Cancer-specific activation of the survivin promoter and its potential use in gene therapyJIN-SHING CHEN; Chen, Jin-Shing; Liu, Jaw-Ching; Shen, Lei; Rau, Kung-Ming; Kuo, Hsu-Ping; Li, Yan M; Shi, Daren; Lee, Yung-Chie; Chang, King-Jen; Hung, Mien-ChieCancer Gene Therapy 9895
22004Cancer-Specific Activation of the Survivin Promoter and Its Potential Use in Gene TherapyChen, Jin-ShingCANCER GENE THERAPY 
32015Knockdown of c-MET induced apoptosis in ABCB1-overexpressed multidrug-resistance cancer cell linesHung, T-H; Li, Y-H; Tseng, C-P; Lan, Y-W; Hsu, S-C; Chen, Y-H; Huang, T-T; Lai, H-C; Chen, C-M; Choo, K-B; Chong, K-YCancer Gene Therapy 712
42006Sindbis virus replicon particles encoding calreticulin linked to a tumor antigen generate long-term tumor-specific immunityCHI-AN CHEN; WEN-FANG CHENG; CHIEN-NAN LEECancer Gene Therapy 2113
52012Sonoporation-mediated anti-angiogenic gene transfer into muscle effectively regresses distant orthotopic tumorsWEN-SHIANG CHEN; Liao, Z-K; Tsai, K-C; Wang, H-T; Tseng, S-H; Deng, W-P; Chen, W-S; Hwang, L-HCancer Gene Therapy 2722