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12011Assessing the Stroke-Specific Quality of Life for Outcome Measurement in Stroke Rehabilitation: Minimal Detectable Change and Clinically Important DifferenceKEH-CHUNG LIN; Lin, Keh-chung; Fu, Tiffany; Wu, Ching-yi; Hsieh, Ching-ju; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; WU, CHING-YI; HSIEH, CHING-JUHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes 
22017Association between work time loss and quality of life in patients with Herpes Zoster: A pooled analysis of the MASTER studiesTSEN-FANG TSAIHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes 
32015Comparing the effectiveness of capecitabine versus 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin therapy for elderly Taiwanese stage III colorectal cancer patients based on quality-of-life measures (QLQ-C30 and QLQ-CR38) and a new cost assessment toolMING-CHIN YANG Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 
42010Daily physical activity and its contribution to the health-related quality of life of ambulatory individuals with chronic strokeJIANN-SHING JENG; PEI-FANG TANGHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes 
52015Effects of health intervention program on cardiometabolic risk profiles from health evaluation center in Asian population: A longitudinal study and propensity analysisRAY-E CHANG Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 
62013Measurement precision of the disability for back pain scale-by applying Rasch analysisHuang, Chun-Ta; CHING-LIN HSIEH; Lu, Yen-Mou; Tsai, Yi-Ju; Wu, Yuh-Yih; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Lin, Jou-Wei; Ruan, Sheng-Yuan; Lin, Chih-Lung; Hwang, Shiuh-Lin; Wu, Huey-Dong; Yu, Chong-Jen; Cheng, Kuang-I; Lue, Yi-Jing; 吳惠東; 余忠仁; 阮聖元; 林昭維; 黃俊達Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 
72016Psychometric evaluation and wording effects on the Chinese version of the parent-proxy Kid-KINDL.DUAN-RUNG CHEN Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 
82015Quality of life in polyneuropathy: Association with biomarkers of small fiber impairmentSUNG-TSANG HSIEH; Lin, Meng-Ting; Lee, Lukas Jyuhn-Hsiarn; Chao, Chi-Chao; Hsieh, Sung-TsangHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes 
92015Reliability and validity of a vertical numerical rating scale supplemented with a faces rating scale in measuring fatigue after strokeKEH-CHUNG LIN; Chuang, Li-ling; Lin, Keh-chung; Hsu, An-lun; Wu, Ching-yi; Chang, Ku-chou; Li, Yen-chen; Chen, You-linHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes