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12006Lower urinary tract symptoms in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Lee, KL; Chen, MY; Yeh, JH; Huang, SW; Tai, HC; Yu, HJ
22000Polyclonal Anticardiolipin Antibodies Purified from Sera of Patients with Active Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Induce Apoptosis of the Cultured Glomerular Mesangial CellsTSAI, CHANG-YU; YU, CHIA-LI
31992Severe Valvular Heart Disease Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus:Its Relation to Antiphospholipid AntibodiesTsai, R. T.; Wang, G. R.; Lee, G. L.; Chen, M. Y.; 李源德; 莊哲彥; 陳慶餘; Tsai, R. T.; Wang, G. R.; 李源德; 莊哲彥; Chen, Ching-Yujournal article
42000Ultrasound Evaluation of Plantar FasciitisTSAI, WEN-CHUNG; WANG, CHUNG-LI; TANG, FUK-TAN; WONG, MAY-KUEN