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12016A pilot proof-of-principle study to compare fresh and vitrified cycle preimplantation genetic screening by chromosome microarray and next generation sequencingMa, Gwo-Chin; MING CHEN ; HSIN-FU CHEN ; YU-SHIH YANG; Lin, Wen-Hsiang; Tsai, Feng-Po; Lin, Chi-Fang; Chiu, ChiMolecular Cytogenetics 
22015Preimplantation genetic screening of blastocysts by multiplex qPCR followed by fresh embryo transfer: Validation and verificationMING CHEN ; HSIN-FU CHEN Molecular Cytogenetics 
31974Regulation of Bacterial Genes楊惠郎; Zubay G.; Reiness, G.; Cashel, M.; Yang, Huey-Lang; Cashel, M.Molecular Cytogenetics