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12015Body ownership and experiential ownership in the self-touching illusionLiang, C.; Chang, S.-Y.; Chen, W.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-T.; Caleb LIANG Frontiers in Psychology 47
22011Crossmodal constraints on human perceptual awareness: Auditory semantic modulation of binocular rivalrySU-LING YEH Frontiers in Psychology 3943
32016Developing the own-race advantage in 4-, 6-, and 9-month-old Taiwanese infants: A perceptual learning perspectiveTSUNG-REN HUANG Frontiers in Psychology 1411
42017Development and evaluation of a cognitive training game for older people: A design-based approachLu, Ming Hsin; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH Frontiers in Psychology 1512
52014Distinct mechanisms subserve location- and object-based visual attentionCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; SU-LING YEH Frontiers in Psychology 56
62014Does awareness effect the restorative function and perception of street trees?Lin, Y.-H.; Tsai, C.-C.; Sullivan, W.C.; Chang, P.-J.; Chang, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEN CHANG Frontiers in Psychology 3034
72018East Asian young and older adult perceptions of emotional faces from an age- and sex-fair East Asian facial expression databaseTu, Yu Zhen; Lin, Dong Wei; Suzuki, Atsunobu; GOH, JOSHUA Frontiers in Psychology 10
82014Inferring reward prediction errors in patients with schizophrenia: A dynamic reward task for reinforcement learningCHIH-MIN LIU ; Li, Chia-Tzu; Lai, Wen-Sung ; YUNG-FONG HSU ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Liu, Chih-Min ; Hsu, Yung-Fong Frontiers in Psychology 25
92011Novelty vs. Familiarity principles in preference decisions: Task-context of past experience mattersSU-LING YEH Frontiers in Psychology 1821
102016Selection history modulates working memory capacityBO-CHENG KUO Frontiers in Psychology 00
112016Sensorimotor-conceptual integration in free walking enhances divergent thinking for young and older adultsYEI-YU YEH Frontiers in Psychology 1217
122014Startling speech: Eliciting prepared speech using startling auditory stimulusChiu, C.; Gick, B.; Chenhao Chiu Frontiers in Psychology 01
132014The other-race and other-species effects in face perception - A subordinate-level analysisCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Frontiers in Psychology 88
142015The perception of speech modulation cues in lexical tones is guided by early language specific experienceFENG-MING TSAO Frontiers in Psychology 1112
152017The sense of 1PP-location contributes to shaping the perceived self-location together with the sense of body-locationHuang, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-T.; Chen, W.-Y.; Liang, C.; Caleb LIANG Frontiers in Psychology 36