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11998Areca nut extract inhibits the growth, attachment, and matrix protein synthesis of cultured human gingival fibroblastsChang, M. C.; Kuo, M. Y.; Hahn, L. J.; Hsieh, C. C.; Lin, S. K.; Jeng, J. H.
22001Thrombin-stimulated growth, clustering, and collagen lattice contraction of human gingival fibroblasts is associated with its protease activityChang, M. C.; Chan, C. P.; Wu, H. L.; Chen, R. S.; Lan, W. H.; Chen, Y. J.; Jeng, J. H.
32007Tissue engineering bone formation in novel recombinant human bone morphogenic protein 2-atelocollagen composite scaffoldsHou, LT; Liu, CM; Liu, BY; Chang, PC; Chen, MH; Ho, MH; Jehng SM; Liu, HC
41992Treatment of an osseous lesion associated with a severe palato-radicular groove: a case reportJeng, J. H.; Lu, H. K.; Hou, L. T.