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12000Expression of functional type 1 protease-activated thrombin receptors by mouse primary palatal mesenchymal cells in vitroWang, K. Y.; Chang, F. H.; Jeng, J. H.; Hou, L. T.; Chen, K. C.; Kuo, M. Y.Arch Oral Biol 
22016IL-1 beta-induced MCP-1 expression and secretion of human dental pulp cells is related to TAK1, MEK/ERK, and PI3K/Akt signaling pathwaysChang, Mei-Chi; Tsai, Yi-Ling; Chang, Hsiao-Hua; Lee, Sheng-Yang; Lee, Ming-Shu; Chang, Chun-Wei; Chan, Chiu-Po; Yeh, Chien-Yang; Cheng, Ru-Hsiu; Jeng, Jiiang-HueiArch. Oral Biol. 1514