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12014A novel dental implant abutment with micro-motion capability-Development and biomechanical evaluationsChen, Yen-Yin; Chen, Weng-Pin; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Huang, Shih-Hao; Linb, Chun-PinDent. Mater. 98
22016Nanocrystalline calcium sulfate/hydroxyapatite biphasic compound as a TGF-beta 1/VEGF reservoir for vital pulp therapyChiang, Yu-Chih; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Wong, Ching-Ching; Wang, Yi-Ping; Wang, Yin-Lin; Huang, Wen-Hsuan; Lin, Chun-PinDent. Mater. 2221