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12002Molecular determinants of the hanatoxin binding in voltage-gated K+-channel drk1Lou, K. L.; Huang, P. T.; Shiau, Y. S.; Shiau, Y. Y.Journal of Molecular Recognition 1314
22003A Possible Molecular Mechanism of Hanatoxin Binding-Modified Gating in Voltage-Gated K+-ChannelsLOU, KUO-LONG; HUANG, PO-TSARNG; SHIAU, YU-SHUAN; LIAW, YEN-CHYWAN; SHIAU, YUH-YUAN; LIOU, HORNG-HUEIJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION 
32006Structural Analysis of the Unique Insecticidal Activity of Novel Mungbean Defensin Vrd1 Reveals Possibility of Homoplasy Evolution between Plant Defensins and Scorpion NeurotoxinsSHIAU, YU-SHUAN; HUANG, PO-TSARNG; LOU, KUO-LONGJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION