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12014Influence of calcium hydroxide dressing and acid etching on the push-out bond strengths of three luting resins to root canal dentinLee, B.-S.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chen, S.-F.; Chen, S.-Y.; Chang, C.-C.; BOR-SHIUNN LEE; Lee, Bor-Shiunn; Chang, Che-Chen Clinical Oral Investigations 98
22012Non-surgical periodontal therapy with and without subgingival minocycline administration in patients with poorly controlled type II diabetes: A randomized controlled clinical trialYU-KANG TU Clinical Oral Investigations 2525
32013Oral cancer in Taiwan: Is diabetes a risk factor?Tseng, Chin-Hsiao; CHIN-HSIAO TSENGClinical Oral Investigations 2224
42016Phenethyl isothiocyanate enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis in oral cancer cells and xenograftsYeh, Cheng-Chang; Ko, Hui-Hsin; Hsieh, Yu-Ping; KING-JEAN WU ; Kuo, Mark Yen-Ping; DENG, YI-TING Clinical Oral Investigations 74