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11993Characterizations of Candidate Genes for IDD Susceptibility from the Diabetes-Prone NOD Mouse Strain鄭益謙; Chesnut, K.; She, J. X.; Muralidharan, K.; Wakeland, E. K.; Cheng, Ivan-Chen; Chesnut, K.; Muralidharan, K.journal article2726
21993Characterizations of candidate genes for IDD susceptibility from the diabetes-prone NOD mouse strainChesnut, K.; She, J.-X.; Cheng, I.; Muralidharan, K.; Wakel; , E.K.; IVAN-CHEN CHENG ; IVAN-CHEN CHENG journal article2726
32008Gene expression variation increase in trisomy 21 tissuesChou, C.Y.; Liu, L.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; Tsai, C.H.; Hwa, H.L.; Chang, L.Y.; Lin, Y.S.; Hsieh, F.J.; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; Chou, Ching Yu; Liu, Li Yu; HSIAO-LIN HWA; LI-YU LIU ; Chen, Chien Yu ; Tsai, Cheng Hsien; Hwa, Hsiao Lin; Chang, Li Yun; Lin, Yi Shing; Hsieh, Fon Jou; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; HSIAO-LIN HWA; LI-YU LIU journal article2622
41998Mapping of 55 new rat microsatellite markers from chromosome-specific librariesLIH-CHING HSU journal article88