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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11992Cloning and Immunological Characterization of Duck Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen沈永紹; 張政宏; Lee, S. C.; Shien, Yong-Shau; Chang, Cheng-Hungjournal article
21976CYCLEAN, a New Quaternary Ammonium Surface-active Disinfectant:the Determination of Maximum Dilution and Validity in Hard Water and Under the Presence of Organic Matter張照夫; Su, C. T.; Tung, M. C.; Chang, Chao-Fu; Su, C. T.; Tung, M. C.journal article
31984Occurrence and Diagnosis of Swinepox in Taiwan劉振軒 ; 朱瑞民; Huang, Y. H.; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Chu, Redman M.journal article
41983Pathological Lesions of Spontaneous Parvovirus Enteritis of Dogs劉振軒 ; Fung, H. P.; 朱瑞民; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Fung, H. P.; Chu, Redman M.journal article
51989Patterns of Aerobic Bacteria in Urinary Tract Infection of Rats with Neurogenic Bladder Induced by Spinal Card InjuryHong, Chou-C.journal article
61986Serological Survey on Bovine Leukemia-Virus Infection in Taiwan王炯辰; 張政宏; Lin, Pan-Chin; Wang, Chun-Tshen; Chang, Cheng-Hungjournal article