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11995Case report: Canine pancytopenia associated with canine ehrlichiosis in a dogLiang, SL; Giang, GH; Yang, HL; Huang, HP; Chen, KY
21997Case report: Castration-responsive dermatosis with concurrent atopic dermatitis in a dog.Huang, HP; Chan, ASL; Lai, M K; Lien, YH; Yang, HL; Liang, SL; Lin, AC
31996Case report: Management of canine pulmonary thromboembolism after adulticide administration in a heartworm-infected dogLiang, SL; Yang, HL; Huang, HP; Chen, KY
41995Detection of Porcine Parvovirus Genetic Sequences by Polymerase Chain Reaction鄭益謙; Lin, S. S. ; Chang, W. F.; Chang, M. F.; 翁仲男; Cheng, Ivan-Chen; Weng, Chung-Nanjournal article
51982Pasteurella Multocida:Serotype Biochemical, Charteristics and Durg Susceptibility-Isolated in TaiwanChang, Chao-Fujournal article
61982Pathogenesis of Transmissible GastroenteritisChu, Redman M.journal article
71974Serological and Biochemical Studies on Pasteurella Multocida Isolated in TaiwanChang, Chao-Fujournal article
81986Systemic Coccidiosis in Domestic Ducklings張照夫; Tsai, S. S.; Ho, L. F.; Wang, J. S.; Chang, Chao-Fu; Tsai, S. S.journal article
91996Temporal study of canine hyperadrenocorticism: 12 casesHuang, HP; Liang, SL; Yang, HL; Lien, YH; Chiang, YF; Chen, KY