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12009A 12-year retrospective study of canine testicular tumorsLiao, A.T.; Chu, P.-Y.; Yeh, L.-S.; Lin, C.-T.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 4345
22001Acupuncture for General Veterinary PracticeChan, W.-W.; Chen, K.-Y.; Liu, H.; Wu, L.-S.; Lin, J.-H.; LEANG-SHIN WU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2623
32015Antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolates from canine urinary tract infectionsChang, S.-K.; Lo, D.-Y.; Wei, H.-W.; Kuo, H.-C.; HEN-WEI WEI Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2430
42014Bone regeneration by the combined use of tetrapod-shaped calcium phosphate granules with basic fibroblast growth factor-binding ion complex gel in canine segmental radial defectsHonnami, M.; I-LI LIUet al. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 44
52005Bovine ephemeral fever in Taiwan (2001-2002)FUN-IN WANG Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2532
61996Canine infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia found in Taiwan.Chang, A.C.; Chang, W.; 林中天 ; Pan, M.J.; Lee, S.C.; Chang, W.; Lin, C.T.; Pan, M.J.Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2725
72013Changes in bone regeneration by trehalose coating and basic fibroblast growth factor after implantation of tailor-made bone implants in dogsChoi, S.; Lee, J.; Igawa, K.; Liu, I.-L.; Honnami, M.; Suzuki, S.; Nishimur, R.; Chung, U.-I.; Sasaki, N.; Mochizuki, M.; I-LI LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 32
82012Development of a competitive ELISA for the detection of a furaltadone marker residue, 3-amino-5-morpholinomethyl-2-oxazolidinone (AMOZ), in cultured fish samplesSheu, S.-Y.; Tai, Y.-T.; Li, W.-R.; Lei, Y.-C.; Hsieh, K.-H.; Lin, C.-Y.; Cheng, C.-C.; Chang, T.-H.; Kuo, T.-F.; TZONG-FU KUO Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 35
92018Development of a quantitative real-time RT-PCR assay for detecting Taiwan ferret badger rabies virus in ear tissue of ferret badgers and miceHsu, A.-P.; Tseng, C.-H.; Lu, Y.-T.; Shih, Y.-H.; Chou, C.-H. ; Chen, R.-S.; Tsai, K.-J.; Tu, W.-J.; Cliquet, F.; Tsai, H.-J.Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 11
102011Differentiation of foot-and-mouth disease-infected pigs from vaccinated pigs using antibody-detecting sandwich ELISAChen, T.-H.; Lee, F.; Lin, Y.-L.; Dekker, A.; Chung, W.-B.; Pan, C.-H.; Jong, M.-H.; Huang, C.-C.; Lee, M.-C.; Tsai, H.-J.; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 67
112006Effects of sugar cane extract on pseudorabies virus challenge of pigsDan-Yuan, L.O.; Chien, M.-S.; Yeh, K.-S.; Koge, K.; Lin, C.-C.; Hsuan, S.-L.; Lee, W.-C.; KUANG-SHENG YEH Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 56
122014First finding of southeast Asia topotype of foot-and-mouth disease virus in Kinmen, Taiwan, in the 2012 outbreakLin, Y.-L.; Chang, C.-Y.; Pan, C.-H.; Deng, M.-C.; Tsai, H.-J.; Lee, F.; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 11
132005High incidence of polyarteritis nodosa in the brains of culled sowsLiu, C.-H.; Chiang, Y.-H.; Chu, R.M.; Pang, V.F.; Lee, C.-C.; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 65
142016High prevalence of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV) in Taiwan revealed by large-scale serological surveyYang, Wei-cheng ; Chen, Hui-yu; Wang, Chi-Young; PAN, Hung-Yu; WU, Cheng-Wei; HSU, Yun-Hsiu; SU, Jui-Chuan; Chan, Kin-WeiJournal of Veterinary Medical Science 27
152007Hypertrophic osteopathy associated with disseminated metastases of renal cell carcinoma in the dog: A case reportChiang, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; Ho, S.-Y.; Lin, C.-T.; Yeh, L.-S.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; LIN, Chung-Tien Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 1413
162014Implantation of tetrapod-shaped granular artificial bones or β-tricalcium phosphate granules in a canine large bone-defect modelChoi, S.; I-LI LIU et al. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 95
172008Indirect measurement of systemic blood pressure in conscious dogs in a clinical settingHUI-PI HUANG Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 1817
182008Indirect measurement of systemic blood pressure in conscious dogs in a clinical setting.Hsiang, TY; Lien, YH; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Medical Science 
192004Intestinal adenocarcinoma with pancreas and lymph node metastases in a captive cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus oedipus)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 32
202004Intracranial granular cell tumor in a dogCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2013