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12008Canine Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia in a Chihuahua: A Case Report.Song, Tzu-Young; Huang, Hui-Pi ; Chang, Pen-Heng ; Lien, Yu-HsinJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
22008Case report: Black hair follicular dysplasia in a Chihuahua dog.Song, TY; Huang, HP; Chang, PH; Lien, YHJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
32008Effect of alternative doses of synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone following intramuscular administration on serum cortisol concentrations in healthy dogs and dogs with hyperadrenocorticismLien, YH; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
42009Effect of benazepril on systemic blood pressure in small breed dogs with chronic degenerative valvular diseases.Wu, SY; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Scienc 
52009Effect of castration on hair re-growth in Pomeranians with hair cycle arrest (Alopecia X)Huang, HP; Lien, YH; Chang, PHJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
62008Evaluation of a point-of care analyzer for determination of basal serum total thyroxine concentration in cats.Lien, YH; Wu, TJ; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
72009Glycosylated hemoglobin concentrations in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism and/or diabetes mellitus compared to clinically healthy dogsLien, YH; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
82008Jaundice in cultured hybrid catfish, Clarias betrachus X Clarias fuscusi.Chang, Pen Heng ; Kuo, Shu Ting; Chen, Min Hsiu; Tu, Chien; Huang, Shu Hua; Lai, Tung Ming; Yu, Wen ChunJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
92009Minireview: canine insomnia.Chang, F.C.Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
102009Prevalence and risk factors of canine ticks and tick-borne diseases in Taipei, TaiwanWu, TJ; Sun, HJ; Wu, YC; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
112008A Retrospective Study of Limited Environmental Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy in 16 dogs with Atopic DermatitisLien, YH; Huang, HPJournal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences