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12006Effects of Irradiated Tumor Vaccine and Infusion of Granulocyte- Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor and Interleukin-12 on Established Gliomas in RatsCHEN, JIN-CHERNG; CHEN, YUN; WU, JIANN-MING; SU, YEN-HAO; TAI, KUO-FENG; TSENG, SHENG-HONGCANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY 
22008Interactions of host IL-6 and IFN-g and cancer-derived TGF-b1 on MHC molecule expression during tumor spontaneous regression.Hsiao, YW; Liao, KW; Chung, TF; Liu, CH; Hsu, CD; RM, Chu.Cancer immunology, immunotherapy 
32008Transient downregulation of monocyte-derived dendritic-cell differentiation, function, and survival during tumoral progression and regression in an in vivo canine model of transmissible venereal tumor.Liu, C. C; Wang, Y. S.; Lin, C. Y.; Chuang, T. F.; Liao, K. W.; Chi, K. H.; Chen, M. F.; Chiang, H. C.; Chu, R. M.Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy 2823