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11988Epidemiological Survey and Treatment for Clonorchiasis at the Ming-Der Dam are a in Miao-Li CountyChen, Ching-Yu; Hsieh, F. J.; 陳慶餘Chinese Journal of Parasitology 
21987Immunodiffusion Studies on Paragonimus Westermani in TaiwanHsieh, F. J.; 蘇霩靄Chinese Journal of Parasitology 
32001Prevalence of Haemoproteus spp. in Pigeon in TaiwanTsai, Yu-Jen; Wu, Ying-Ling; Chung, Wen-ChengChinese Journal of Parasitology 
42004Researching in the Prevalence of Dog’s Demodex spp. in Taipei by Using GISTsai, Yu-Jen; Chung, Wen-Cheng; Wu, Ying-LingChinese Journal of Parasitology