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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12009Collision Detection Strategies for Virtual Construction Simulation, , 18(2009), 724-736. [SCI/EI]"Lai, K.C.; Kang, S. C.Automation in Construction 
22011An enforced support vector machine model for construction contractor default predictionTserng, H.Ping; Lin, Gwo-Fong; Tsai, L.Ken; Chen, Po-ChengAutomation in Construction 4944
32012A fast path planning method for single and dual crane erectionsChang, Yu-Cheng; Hung, Wei-Han; Kang, Shih-Chung Automation in Construction 8866
42011A framework of information visualization for multi-system constructionKuo, Cheng-Han; Tsai, Meng-Han ; Kang, Shih-Chung Automation in Construction 2417
52009General Modelling Methods for Single and Multiple Cranes using Multibody DynamicsHung, W.H.; Kang, S. C.Automation in Construction 
62010Illumination adjustment for bridge coating images using BEMD-Morphology Approach (BMA)Chen, Po-Han ; Yang, Ya-Ching; Chang, Luh-MaanAutomation in Construction 87
72011Modularization and assembly algorithm for efficient MEP constructionTserng, H.Ping; Yin, Y.L.; Jaselskis, Edward J.; Hung, Wu-Chueh; Lin, Yi-ChiehAutomation in Construction 2120
82010A physics-based simulation approach for cooperative erection activitiesChi, Hung-Lin; Kang, Shih-Chung Automation in Construction 2017
92006Planning and Visualization for Automated Robotic Crane Erection Processes in ConstructionKang, S.C.; Miranda, E.Automation in Construction 
102010Proactive problem-solver for constructionYu, Wen-der; Yang, Jyh-bin; Tseng, Judy C.R.; Liu, Shen-jung; Wu, Ji-weiAutomation in Construction 1411
112009A Simulation Approach for Cooperative Erection ActivitiesChi, H.L.; Kang, S. C.Automation in Construction 
122011Strategies for autonomous robots to inspect pavement distressesTseng, Yuan-Hsu; Kang, Shih-Chung ; Chang, Jia-Ruey; Lee, Cheng-HaoAutomation in Construction 1714
132012Support-vector-machine-based method for automated steel bridge rust assessmentChen, Po-Han ; Shen, Heng-Kuang; Lei, Chi-Yang; Chang, Luh-MaanAutomation in Construction 7963