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12011Development and Application of Rail Transit Capacity Models in TaiwanJong, Jyh-Cherng; Lai, Yung-Cheng (Rex); Huang, Sheng-Hsuan; Chiang, Pei-Chun Sofijournal article65
22012Development of Base Train Equivalents to Standardize Trains for Capacity AnalysisLai, Yung-Cheng; Liu, Yun-Hsuan; Lin, Tzu-Yajournal article1411
32004Effects of Airport Pavement Profile Wave Length on Aircraft’s Vertical ResponsesChen, Yi-hsien; Chou, Chia-pei journal article
42010Effects of Communications-Based Train Control and Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes on Railroad CapacityDingier, Mark H.; Lai, Yung-Cheng (Rex); Barkan, Christopher P.L.journal article1110
52009Enhanced Parametric Railway Capacity Evaluation ToolLai, Yung-Cheng; Barkan, Christopher P.L.journal article4434
62012High Speed Route Improvement OptimizerLai, Yung-Cheng; Huang, Po-Wenjournal article33
72009Impact of Train Type Heterogeneity on Single-Track Railway CapacityDingler, Mark H.; Lai, Yung-Cheng; Barkan, Christopher P.L.journal article4746
82011Integrated Optimization Model to Manage Risk of Transporting Hazardous Materials on Railroad NetworksLai, Yung-Cheng ; Kawprasert, Athaphon; Lin, Chen-Yu; Saat, M.Rapik; Liang, Chun-Hao; Barkan, Christopher P.L.journal article55
92007Methodology of Applying Heavy Weight Deflectometer for the Calculation of Runway Pavement Classification NumberChou, Chia-pei ; Wang, Shih-Yingjournal article3
102010Optimizing Train Network Routing with Heterogeneous TrafficLai, Y.C.; Dingler, M.H.; Hsu, C.E.; Chiang, P.C.conference paper119
112005Options for Improving Energy Efficiency of Intermodal Freight TrainsLai, Y.C.; Barkan, C.P.L.journal article
122010Privatization versus public works for high-speed rail projectsKao, Tsung-Chung; Lai, Yung-Cheng (Rex); Shih, Mei-Chengjournal article65
132010Railway Capacity Model and Decision Support Process for Strategic Capacity PlanningLai, Yung-Cheng (Rex); Shih, Mei-Cheng; Jong, Jyh-Cherngjournal article1513
142010Short-Term Traffic Forecast System of BeijingDong, Shen; Li, Ruimin; Sun, Li-Guang; Chang, Tang-Hsien; Lu, Huapuconference paper86
151993Welfare Maximization with Financial Constraints for Bus Transit Systems張學孔 ; Schonfeld, P. M.; Chang, Shyue Koong ; Schonfeld, P. M.journal article