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11995Numerical Oscillation Analyses of Repidly-Varied Unsteady Channedl Flows顏清連; 賴經都; Lee, W. C.; Yen, Chin-Lien; Lai, Chintuconference paper
21995Reducing Numerical Oscillations in Rapidly-Varied Unsteady-Flow Modeling賴經都; 顏清連; Lee, W. C.; Lai, Chintu; Yen, Chin-Lien; Lee, W. C.conference paper
31995Robustness of de Saint Venant Equations for Simulating Highly Variable Unsteady FlowsBaltzer, R. A.; Schaffranek, R. W.; 賴經都; Schaffranek, R. W.; Lai, Chintuconference paper