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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006Cyclic Tests of Post-tensioned Precast CFT Segmental Bridge Columns with Unbonded Strands.Chou, C. C.; Chen, Y. C.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 130119
22009Damage Detection of Building Structure by Stochastic Subspace IdentificationWeng, J-H.; Loh, C.H.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 
32006Evaluating Performance of Post-tensioned Steel Connections with Strands and Reduced Flange PlatesChou, C. C.; Chen, J. H.; Chen, Y. C.; Tsai, K. C.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 7669
41996Integral Representations and Regularizations for a Divergent Series Solution of a Beam Subjected to Support MotionsJeng-Tzong Chen; Hong-Ki Hong ; Chau-Shioung Yeh; S.W. ChyuanEarthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 38
52007ISEE: Internet-based Simulation for Earthquake Engineering, Part I: Database ApproachYang, Y. S.; Hsieh, S. H.; Tsai, K. C.; Wang, S. J.; Wang, K. J.; Cheng, W. C.; Hsu, C. W.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 36: 
62008Optimization of structural control via a smart systemLin, T.K.; Chang, Z.C.; Chou, K.C.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 
71990Seismic Damage Assessment Based on Different Hysteretic Rules羅俊雄 ; Ho, R. C.; Loh, Chin-Hsiung ; Ho, R. C.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 
82009System Identification of Degrading Hysteresis of Reinforced Concrete FramesLoh, C. H.; Mao, C. H.; Huang, J. R.; Pan, T. C.Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics