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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011A parallel polynomial Jacobi-Davidson approach for dissipative acoustic eigenvalue problemsHuang, T.-M.; Hwang, F.-N.; Lai, S.-H.; Wang, W.; Wei, Z.-H.; WEICHUNG WANG Computers and Fluids 33
21999A study on the high-order Smolarkiewicz methodsKuo, H.-C.; Leou, T.-M.; Williams, R.T.; HUNG-CHI KUO Computers and Fluids 22
32009A Novel Immersed Boundary Procedure for Flow and Heat Simulations with MovingYoung, D.L.; Jan, Y.J.; Chiu, C.L.Computers and Fluids 
42011Parallel Domain-decomposed Taiwan Multi-scale Community Ocean Model (PD-TIMCOM)YU-HENG TSENG Computers and Fluids 1211
52012Parallel strategies of front-tracking method for simulation of multiphase flowsPan, K.-L.; Yin, G.-C.; KUO-LONG PAN Computers and Fluids 88