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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015Chemically stabilized soft clays for road-base constructionKang, X.; Kang, G.-C.; Chang, K.-T.; Ge, L. Journal Article3321
22012Compressive Behavior of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete with a High Reinforcing IndexOu, Yu-Chen ; Tsai, Mu-Sen; Liu, Kuang-Yen; Chang, Kuo-Chun journal article5644
32012Cyclic behaviors of railroad ballast within the parallel gradation scaling frameworkSevi, A.; Ge, L. Journal Article2925
42019Effective tensile strength of lightly cemented sandGe L. ; Hwang Y.; Sun H.; He G.; Chen R.; Kang X.journal article10
52012Factors Influencing Crack-Induced Tensile Strength of Compacted SoilKim T.; Kim T.; Kang G.; Ge L. journal article3331
62010Investigation of the thermal conductivity of compacted silts and its correlation to the elastic modulusHotz R.; Ge L. journal article138
72015Mechanical properties of gravel deposits evaluated by nonconventional methodsChang, K.-T.; Kang, Y.-M.; Ge, L. ; Cheng, M.-C.Journal Article31
82016Strain-controlled cyclic simple shear tests on sand with radial strain measurementsKang, X.; Ge, L. ; Chang, K.-T.; Kwok, A.O.-L.Journal Article76
92003Thermal stabilization of iron-rich sludge for high strength aggregatesTay J.-H.; Show K.-Y.; Hong S.-Y.; Chien C.-Y.; Lee D.-J. journal article1515
102006Thermochemical analysis in the presintering phase of aggregates from sludge-marine clay mixesShow K.-Y.; Tay J.-H.; Lee D.-J. ; Hong S.-Y.; Chien C.-Y.journal article00