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12002Bidirectional iterative synthesis of alternating benzene–furan oligomers towards molecular wiresLee, Chin-Fa; Liu, Ching-Yuan; Song, Hua-Can; Luo, Shr-Jie; Tseng, Jui-Chang; Tso, Hsi-Hua; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article3334
22002Dimeric iron n-confused porphyrin complexesHung, Chen-Hsiung; Chen, Wan-Chin; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Mingjournal article
32002Drying induced phase transformation of mesoporous silicaLiu, Ming-Chang; Sheu, Hwo-Shuenn; Cheng, Soofinjournal article
42002Intrachain energy transfer in silylene-spaced alternating donor–acceptor divinylarene copolymersCheng, Yen-Ju; Hwu, Tsyr-Yuan; Hsu, Jui-Hung; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article