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12006Self-assembly of N, N, N(4-pyridyl)trimesic amide and N, N, N"-tris(3-pyridyl)trimesic amide with Ag-l or Cd-ll ions"Tseng, BC; Chen, BS; Yeh, HT; Peng, SMNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 
22008Synthesis, structure, spectroscopic properties and cytotoxic effect of some thiosemicarbazone complexes of palladiumHalder, Sarmistha; Peng, Shie-Ming; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Chatterjee, Tanmay; Mukherjee, Asama; Dutta, Sushanta; Sanyal, Utpal; Bhattacharya, SamareshNew Journal of Chemistry 7781