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11992Application of null-point spectra in inversion-recovery experiments for studying 1=3/2 Quadrupolar Nuclei Involved in exchange processesGe, Nien-Hui; Price, William S.; Hong, Luan-Ze; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article
21992Effects of higher-rank multipoles on spectral lineshapes of 1=3/2 quadrupolar nuclei near the null point in inversion-recovery experimentsPrice, William S.; Ge, Nien-Hui; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article
31990Influence of dipole-dipole cross-relaxation on spectral lineshapes of methyl protons in inversion-recovery experimentsLee, Tai-Sung; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article
41987Proton spin relaxation in solutions of the complex tris(acetylacetonato)chromium(III)Wang, Pei-Lein; Lee, Jing-Huei; Huang, Shiou-Mei; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article1214
51989Relaxation of longitudinal three-spin orderWang, Pei-Lein; Hwang, Lian-Pinjournal article