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11993Agonist-induced desensitization of ATP receptor-mediated phosphoinositide turnover in C6 glioma cells: Comparison with the negative-feedback regulation by protein kinase CWAN-WAN LINNeurochemistry International 1114
22008Angiopoietin-like protein 1 decreases blood brain barrier damage and edema following focal cerebral ischemia in miceWEN-MING HSU; Lai, DM; Li, H; Yong-Kwang Tu; Lee, CC; Tzeng, YS; Hsieh, YH; Hsu, WM; Hsieh, FJ; Cheng, JT; Tu, YK.Neurochemistry International 1414
32004Differential effects of carboxyfullerene on MPP+/MPTP-induced neurotoxicityLin, A.M.Y.; Yang, C.H.; Ueng, Y.-F.; Luh, T.Y.; Liu, T.Y.; Lay, Y.P.; Ho, L.T.; TIEN-YAU LUH Neurochemistry International 2325
42004Differential effects of carboxyfullerene on MPP+/MPTP-induced neurotoxicityLin, Anya M. Y.; Yang, C. H.; Ueng, Y. -F.; Luh, T. Y.; Liu, T. Y.; Lay, Y. P.; Ho, L. T.Neurochemistry International 
51995Differential expression of protein kinase C isoforms in glial and neuronal cells. Translocation and down-regulation of PKC isoforms in C6 glioma and ng 108-15 hybrid cells: Effects of extracellular Ca2+-depletionWAN-WAN LINNeurochemistry International 
62002Enhancement of inward Ca2+ currents in bovine chromaffin cells by green tea polyphenol extractsPan, C.-Y.; Kao, Y.-H.; Fox, A.P.; CHIEN-YUAN PAN Neurochemistry International 1917
71998Excitatory amino acid receptor antagonists decrease hypoxia induced increase in extracellular dopamine in striatum of newborn pigletsMENG-FAI KUONeurochemistry International 1010
82019Long-term challenge of methylphenidate changes the neuronal population and membrane property of dopaminergic neuron in ratsS. P. C. Hsu; D. Y. Wang; M. Y. Min ; Y. S. FuNeurochemistry International 01
91992Potentiation by Ca2+ ionophores and inhibition by extracellular KCl of endothelin-induced phosphoinositide turnover in C6 glioma cellsWAN-WAN LINNeurochemistry International 66
101992Regulation of bradykinin-induced phosphoinositide turnover in cultured cerebellar astrocytes: possible role of protein kinase CWAN-WAN LINNeurochemistry International 1516