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11999Climate, traffic-related air pollutants, and asthma prevalence in middle school children in Taiwan.Guo, YL; Lin, YC; Su, HJ; Huang, SL; Shaw, CK; Lai, JS; Ko, YC; Sung, FC; Lin, RS; Dockery, D.Environ Health Persp 
21995Growth abnormalities in the population exposed in utero and early postnatally to polychlorinated biphenyls and dibenzofurans.Guo, YL; Lambert, GH; Hsu, CC.Environ Health Persp 
31999oiter, skin diseases, arthralgia, and anemia after PCB/PCDF poisoning: 14 year Follow-up of the Taiwan Yucheng cohort.Guo, YL; Yu, ML; Hsu, CC; Rogan, WJ.Environ Health Persp