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12007Angiostrongylus cantonensis: Apoptosis of inflammatory cells induced by treatment with mebendazoleChuang, CC; Chen, CW; Fan, CK; Su, KE; Tsai, YT; Chen, CL; Du, WY.Experimental Parasitology 
22007Angiostrongylus Cantonensis: Apoptosis of Inflammatory Cells Induced by Treatment with Mebendazole or/and Interleukin 12 in MiceCHUANG, CHIH-CHENG; FAN, CHIA-KWUNG; SU, KUA-EYRE; TSAI, YUEH-TING; DU, WEN-YUANEXPERIMENTAL PARASITOLOGY 
31991The Course of Giardiavirus Infection in the Giardia Lamblia TrophozoitesTAI, JUNG-HSIANG; ONG, SHIOU-JENG; WANG, ALICE L.; LAI, KOON-SIEW; LO, CECILIAEXPERIMENTAL PARASITOLOGY 
41976Trypanosoma brucei: antigenic analysis of bloodstream, vector, and culture stages by the quantitative fluorescent antibody methods.Honigberg, BM; Cunningham, I; Stanley, HA; Su-Lin, KE; Lukins, AG.EXPERIMENTAL PARASITOLOGY