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11998Larval Distribution in Different Organs of Icr Strain Mice Infected with Toxocara Canis范家堃; 鍾文政; 蘇霩靄; 蔡裕仁; FAN, CHIA-KWUNG; CHUNG, WEN-CHENG; SU, KUA-EYRE; TSAI, YU-JEN
21998Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma Gondii Infection among Atayal Aborigines and Local Animals in Nan-Ao District, Ilan County and Jen-Ai District, Nan -Tou County, Taiwan范家堃; 蘇霩靄; 鍾文政; 蔡裕仁; 邱弘毅; 林慶豐; 蘇千田; 趙磐華; FAN, CHIA-KWUNG; SU, KUA-EYRE; CHUNG, WEN-CHENG; TSAI, YU-JEN; CHIOU, HUNG-YI; LIN, CHIN-FORNG; SU, CHIEN-TIEN; CHAO, PAN-HUA