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11999Humoral Immune Responses and Cross Reactions of Sera from Icr Strain Mice Infected with Toxocara Canis, Ascaris Suum or Angiostrongylus Cantonensis to Toxocara Canis Antigens范家堃; 蘇霩靄; 鍾文政; 廖建維; 藍弘旭; 高定昌; 蔡裕仁; 盧盡良; FAN, CHIA-KWUNG; SU, KUA-EYRE; CHUNG, WEN-CHENG; LIAO, CHIEN-WEI; LAN, HUNG-SHUE; KAO, DING-CHAN; TSAI, YU-JEN; LU, JIN- LIAN中華民國獸醫學會雜誌,v.25