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12002Association of the Human Mink Gene 38g Allele with Atrial Fibrillation: Evidence of Possible Genetic Control on the Pathogenesis of Atrial FibrillationLAI, LING-PING; 賴凌平THE AMERICAN HEART JOURNAL 
21999Chronic B-Blocker Therapy Improves Autonomic Nervous Regulation in Advanced Congestive Heart Failure – a Longitudinal Heart Rate Variability Study林俊立 ; 詹曉龍; 杜朝正; 林椅楠; 賴傳威; 林高德; 吳建平; 曾淵如; 連文彬; LIN, JIUNN-LEE ; CHAN, HSIAO-LUNG; DU, CHAO-CHEN; LIN, I-NAN; LAI, CHUAN-WEI; LIN, GAU-DE; WU, CHIEN-PING; TSENG, YUNG-ZU; LIEN, WEN-PINTHE AMERICAN HEART JOURNAL