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11992Identification of Autoantigen Recognized by Autoimmune Ophthalmopathy Sera with Immunoblotting Correlated with Orbital Computed TomographyCHANG, TIEN-CHUN; CHANG, TIEN-JYE; HUANG, YUNG-SHAN; HUANG, KOU-MOU; SU, RUEY-JEN; KAO, SHINE C-SCLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOPATHOLOGY 
21994Tsh and Tsh Receptor Antibody-Binding Sites in Fibroblasts of Pretibial Myxedema Are Related to the Extracellular Domain of Entire Tsh ReceptorCHANG, TIEN-CHUN; WU, SHIH-LU; HSIAO, YUNG-LIEN; KUO, SHU-TING; CHIEN, LI-FEI; KUO, YEA-FHEY; CHANG, CHIH-CHENG; CHANG, TIEN- JYECLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOPATHOLOGY