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12004Role of reactive oxygen species-sensitive extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway in angiotensin II-induced endothelin-1 gene expression in vascular endothelial cells.Hsu YH; Chen JJ; Chang NC; Chen CH; Liu JC; Chen TH; Jeng CJ; Chao HH; Cheng TH.journal article4336
22012The most negatively charged low-density lipoprotein l5 induces stress pathways in vascular endothelial cellsChen, Ching-Yi; CHING-YI CHEN ; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; LU-PING CHOW; Lee, An-Sheng; Tang, Daming; Chow, Lu-Ping; Yang, Chao-Yuh; Chen, Han; Lee, Yuan-Teh; Chen, Chu-Huangjournal article1213