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12014A case of severe factor XIII deficiency with unusual uniparental disomy heredityLin, Ching-Yeh; Chen, Ming; Chang, Shun-Ping; Lin, Bo-Do; Ho, Wan-Ling; Lin, Jen-Shiou; Kuo, Su-Fong; Lin, Kai-Sin; 林凱信Haemophilia 
21998Human Immunodeficiency Vrius Infection in Haemophiliacs in Taiwan: The Importance of Cd4 Lymphocyte Count in the Progression to Acquired Immunodeficiency SyndromeSHEN, MING-CHING; HU, FU-CHANG; LIN, JEN-SHIOU; HUNG, CHIEN-CHINGHAEMOPHILIA 
31998A Longitudinal Study of Immunological Status in Chinese Haemophiliacs: Importance of the Heat Viral Inactivation of Factor Concentrates. Ii. Improvements of Cd4/Cd8 Ratio after Treatments with Heat-Inactivated Factor ConcentratesSHEN, MING-CHING; HU, FU-CHANG; LIN, JEN-SHIOU; TSAY, WOEIHAEMOPHILIA 
42015Nonacog Beta Pegol (N9-GP) In Prophylaxis and Treatment of Bleeding Episodes in Previously Treated Paediatric Haemophilia B PatientsCarcao, M.; Zak, M.; Karim, F. A.; Hanabusa, H.; Kearney, S.; Lu, M. -Y.; Persson, P.; Rangarajan, S.; Santagostino, E.; 盧孟佑Haemophilia 
52008The Spectrum of the Factor 8 (F8) Defects in Taiwanese Patients with Haemophilia AMA, GWO-CHIN; CHANG, SHUN-PING; CHEN, MING; KUO, SHOU-JEN; CHANG, CHENG-SHYONG; SHEN, MING-CHINGHAEMOPHILIA 
62008The spectrum of the factor 8 (F8) defects in Taiwanese patients with haemophilia AMING CHEN Haemophilia 1717
72008Total Knee Arthroplasty for Severe Haemophilic Arthropathy: Long-Term Experience in TaiwanJIANG, CHING-CHUAN; CHEN, PO-QUANG; SHEN, MING-CHING; TSAY, WOEIHaemophilia 3933