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11985Diagnosis of Atretic Prolonged Obstructive Jaundice;Technetium 99m Hepatolite Excretion StudyHung, Wen-TsungJournal of Pediatric Surgery 
22002Effects of Irradiated Tumor Vaccine and Continuous Localized Infusion of Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor on Neuroblastomas in MiceCHEN, YUN; LIN, SWEI-MING; LAI, HONG-SHIEEJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY 
31990Emergency Separation of Omphaloischiopagus Tetrapus Conjoined Twins in the Newborn Period陳維昭; 陳楷模; 陳明庭; 朱樹勳; Tasi, T. C.; 陳明庭; Chu, Shu-HsunJournal of Pediatric Surgery 
42004Fetal Bovine Serum Suppresses Apoptosis in the Small Intestine after Total Ischemia and Reperfusion in MiceHUNG, WEN-TSUNG; CHEN, YUN; TSENG, SHENG-HONGJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY 
51994Palmar hyperhidrosis in Children: Treatment with Video Endoscopic laser SympathectomyKAO, MING-CHIEN; LEE, WOEI-YUH; YIP, KIM-MAN; HSIAO, I-YUN; LEE, YU-SHAN; TSAI, JUI-CHANGJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY 
61988Primary Malignant Tumor of Liver in Infants and Children in Taiwan陳維昭; Lee, J. C.; 洪文宗; Hsieh, F. J.; Chen, Wei-Jao; Hung, Wen-TsungJournal of Pediatric Surgery 
71986Refractory Cholangitis after Kasai's Operation Caused by Candidiasis:A Case Report陳秋江; Chang, P. Y.; Chen, C. L.; Chen, Chiu-Chiang; Chang, P. Y.; Chen, C. L.Journal of Pediatric Surgery 
81994Separation of Ischiopagus Tripus Conjoined Twins:Our Second Case Experience朱樹勳; Lee, Po-Huang; 陳明庭; 陳世乾; Juang, Shier-Gheig; Chen, Wei-Jao; Lai, Hong-ShieeJournal of Pediatric Surgery 
91986Successful Separation of Ischiopagus Tripus Conjoined Twins陳維昭; Chen, H. T.; 趙繼慶; Wu, T. T.; 許德金; 洪文宗; Chen, H. T.; Hung, Wen-TsungJournal of Pediatric Surgery