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11987Acute Gastric Volvulus:a Case Report and Literature ReviewLee, Chun-Jean; Sin, Shiao-Chiang; 李俊仁; 林水龍journal article
21985Adult Hirschsprung's Disease:Clinical Experience of 11 CasesHung, Wen-Tsungjournal article
31991Alimentary Tract Duplication:Clinical Experience of 8 CasesLai, Hong-Shiee; Yuan, R. H.; Chan, W.; 賴鴻緒journal article
41990Analysis of 110 Patients with Total Azoospermia江萬?l; Chiang, Wan-Hsuan
51987Blunt Traumatic Aortic Insufficiency Occurring in a Case of Marfan's SyndromeTsai, B. W.; 邱英世; 朱樹勳; Lee, Y. T.; Chiu, Ing-Sh; Chu, Shu-Hsunjournal article
61993Carcinoid Syndrome:A Joint Report of Six CaseChen, S. C.; Chang, T. M.; Cheng, K. J.; 廖廣義; Cheng, K. J.; Liau, Koung-Yijournal article
71986A Case Report of Microwave Hand InjuryChiu, H. Y.; Lin, C. H.; 陳明庭; Chen, Ming-Tingjournal article
81989Clinical Circulation Classification in Subtotal Amputated DigitChiu, H. Y.; 陳明庭; Lu, S. Y.; Chang, S. X.; Chiu, H. Y.; Chen, Ming-Tingjournal article
91985Comparative Evaluation of Skin Graft Donor Site Covertage Using Biobrane and Porcine Skin陳明庭; Yang, C. C.; Chen, Ming-Tingjournal article
101988The Effect of Cyclosporin A on Warm Ischemic Kidneys in RatsLai, Hong-Shiee; 賴鴻緒journal article
111991The Effect of OKT3 Therapy in Heart Transplantation王水深; Tsai, Chang-Herjournal article
121993Effects of Amino Acids on Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid Content in the Remnant Liver After Partial HepatectomyChen, Kai-Mojournal article
131987Energy Metabolism in Total Parenteral Nutrition with Glucose-Lipid SystemTsai, Chang-Her; Lee, Yung-Chiejournal article
141988Epidural Morphine for Cancer Pain Control Management of Pain with Implantable Portal SystemChen, Kai-Mo; Tseng, Shiang-Chung; 范守仁; 陳大樑; 孫維仁; 陳楷模
151985Extensive Deep Inferior Epigastric Arterial Island Flap 2 Cases ReportHsu, C. L.; 陳明庭; Tang, Y. B.; Chen, Ming-Ting; Tang, Y. B.journal article
161994First Assessment of a Pulsatile Impeller Pump As Left Ventricular-Assist Device (LVAD) in CalvesChu, Shu-Hsun; Wang, Shoei-Shen; 周迺寬journal article
171994The Gluteal Thigh Island Flap in Ischial Pressure Sore RepairYeh, J. T.; Cheng, T. J.; 陳明庭; Cheng, T. J.; Chen, Ming-Tingjournal article
181992Hemodyanamic Effect of Intravenous Nitroglycerin Immediately Following Coronary Artery Bypass SurgeryChu, Shu-Hsun; Lee, S. T.journal article
191990Hemodynamic and Endocrine Change Following Brain Death in Dog:Implications in Organ TransplantationWang, C. J.; Tsai, Chang-Herjournal article
201993Hyperglycemia and Outcome of Patients with Severe Head InjuriesChu, Shu-Hsun; Ko, W. J.; Yang, L. H.journal article