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11987Experience with Cyclosporin and Steroids in Clinical Renal Transplantation賴明坤; Lai, C. C. H.; Chu, S. H.; Leu, M. L.; Yu, T. J.; Chuang, C. K.; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Chu, S. H.; Leu, M. L.Southeast Asian Journal of Surgery 
21988Immunological Monitoring in Renal Allograft RecipientsLee, Chun-Jean; 李俊仁; 李伯皇Southeast Asian Journal of Surgery 
31985Neglected elbow fractures in childrenHOU, SHENG-MOU; LIU, TANG-KUESOUTHEAST ASIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY 
41980Peritoneal Tuberculosis Mimicking Abdominal TumourChang, King-Jen; Jiang, Ching-Chuan; Chen, Kai-Mo; Chang, King-Jen; 江清泉; Lee, Chue-Shue; 陳楷模Southeast Asian Journal of Surgery 
51981Prosthetic valve endocarditisING-SH CHIUSoutheast Asian Journal of Surgery 
61985Surgical Treatment of Perforated Peptic Ulcer:An Analysis of 2,565 Cases陳楷模; Wang, S. M.; 魏達成; Chen, Kai-Mo; Wei, Ta-ChengSoutheast Asian Journal of Surgery 
71978The level of immunosuppression achieved in long-term surviving renal transplant recipientsPO-HUANG LEESoutheast Asian Journal of Surgery