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11988The Clinical Experience of the Dornier Lithotripter MFL5000 in the Treatment of Lower Ureteral StoneLin, Chih-MingJournal of Urology, ROC 
21989Cystic Dilatations Within the Pelvis in Patients with Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis or DysplasiaSheih, Chung-Pin; Hung, Cheng-Shen; Wei, Chou-Fu; Lin, Ching-YuangJournal of Urology, ROC 
31994Evaluation of the Semen Quality of ElectroejaculateChen, K. C.; Chiang, H. S.; Wu, C. C.; Chen, H. M.; 王顏和; Chen, K. C.; Chiang, H. S.; Wang, Yeh-HoJournal of Urology, ROC 
41990Image Density and Fragility of Urinary Calculi Part I:an Experimental StudyHsu, Te-ChinJournal of Urology, ROC 
51990Image Density and Fragility of Urinary Calculi Part II:a Clinical CorrelationHsu, Te-ChinJournal of Urology, ROC 
61994Multiple Primary Malignancies of Genitourinary System:Report of Seven CasesChiu, Tsu-YihJournal of Urology, ROC 
71993Optic Internal Urethrotomy Under Transrectal Ultrasonographic Guide and/or Suprapubic Fibroscopic AidChuang, C. K.; 賴明坤; Chu, S. H.; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Chu, S. H.Journal of Urology, ROC 
81993Paragonimus Calcified Ova Mimicking Left Renal Staghorn StoneLin, Chih-MingJournal of Urology, ROC 
91986Primary Vaginal StoneLing, K. H.Journal of Urology, ROC 
101986Prostaglandin El Versus Papaverine for Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction江萬?l; Chiang, Wan-HsuanJournal of Urology, ROC 
111994Renal Mlakoplakia with Secondary Hepato-Duodenal InvolvementChen, C. S.; 賴明坤; Chuang, C. K.; Chen, C. S.; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Chuang, C. K.Journal of Urology, ROC 
121991Unilateral Occlusion of Duplicated Mullerian Ducts Associated with Ipsilateral Gartner's Cyst:Report of 3 GasesSheih, Chung-Pin; 洪正昇; Li, Yiu-Wah; Chen, Wen-Liang; Chang, Chien-Hong; Sheih, Chung-Pin; Hung, Cheng-Shen; Chen, Wen-Liang; Chang, Chien-HongJournal of Urology, ROC 
131994Ureteroscopic Treatment of Lower Ureteral Calculi in the Era of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy:From a Developing Country Point of ViewChang, S. C.; Ho, C. M.; 郭漢崇; Chang, S. C.; Ho, C. M.; Kuo, Hann-ChorngJournal of Urology, ROC 
141992Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis:Experience in 36 CasesChuang, C. K.; 賴明坤; Chang, P. L.; Chu, S. H.; Wu, C. J.; Wu, H. R.; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Chang, P. L.; Wu, C. J.; Wu, H. R.Journal of Urology, ROC