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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Atmospheric-pressure microplasma in dielectrophoresis-driven bubbles for optical emission spectroscopyFan S.-K.; Shen Y.-T.; Tsai L.-P.; Hsu C.-C. ; Ko F.-H.; Cheng Y.-T.Lab on a Chip 98
22016Cell refractive index for cell biology and disease diagnosis: past, present and futureP. Y. Liu; KUNG-BIN SUNG et al. Lab on a Chip 140200
32018Facilitating tumor spheroid-based bioassays and in vitro blood vessel modeling via bioinspired self-formation microstructure devicesC. T. Kuo; S. R. Lu; W. M. Chen; J. Y. Wang; S. C. Lee; H. H. Chang; A. M. Wo; B. P. C. Chen; H. Lee Lab on a Chip 24
42009High-pressure on-chip mechanical valves for thermoplastic microfluidic devicesChien-Fu Chen; Jikun Liu; Chien-Cheng Chang; Don L. DeVoe; CHIEN-FU CHEN Lab on a Chip 3033
52010Mixed-mode electrokinetic and chromatographic peptide separations in a microvalve-integrated polymer chipJikun Liu; Chien-Fu Chen; Shuang Yang; Chien-Cheng Chang; Don L. DeVoe; CHIEN-FU CHEN Lab on a Chip 2322
62020Rapid purification of lung cancer cells in pleural effusion through spiral microfluidic channels for diagnosis improvementHSIANG-LIN SONG ; PING-HSIEN TSOU ; Pei-Huan Chiang, Zi-Ting Lin , Hui-Chen Yang and Bor-Ran LiLab on a Chip 0
72015Real-time dual-loop electric current measurement for label-free nanofluidic preconcentration chipChung P.-S.; Fan Y.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Tian W.-C.Lab on a Chip 109
82015Using a patterned grating structure to create lipid bilayer platforms insensitive to air bubblesHan C.-T.; Chao L. Lab on a Chip 22