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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12018A digital assessment system for evaluating kinetic tremor in essential tremor and Parkinson's diseaseKAI-HSIANG CHEN ; Lin, Po-Chieh; Yang, Bing-Shiang; Chen, Yu-JungBMC Neurology 2121
22009Correlates of degree of nerve involvement in early Bell's palsyWEN-CHUNG LEE; HSIEH, RU-LAN; WU, CHIA-WEI; WANG, LING-YI; LEE, WEN-CHUNGBMC Neurology 1511
32019Intermittent theta burst stimulation enhances upper limb motor function in patients with chronic stroke: A pilot randomized controlled trial.KEH-CHUNG LINBMC Neurology 00
42013Total white blood cell count or neutrophil count predict ischemic stroke events among adult Taiwanese: Report from a community-based cohort studyTA-CHEN SU; Wu, Tzy-Haw; Chien, Kuo-Liong; MING-FONG CHEN ; Lin, Hung-Ju; Chien, Kuo-Liong; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; Su, Ta-Chen; Chen, Ming-Fong; Lee, Yuan-TehBMC Neurology 3335