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12006Aminoguanidine prevents arterial stiffening in a new rat model of type 2 diabetesMING-SHIOU WU; Jin-Tung Liang; KUO-CHU CHANG; MING-SHIANG WUEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 3330
22017An observational study of microcirculation in dialysis patients and kidney transplant recipientsMENG-KUN TSAI; CHI-CHUAN YEH; YU-CHANG YEH European Journal of Clinical Investigation 1412
32007Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene polymorphism and stroke in type 2 diabetic patients in TaiwanCHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 1615
42006Arterial stiffening and cardiac hypertrophy in a new rat model of type 2 diabetesMING-JAI SU; KUO-CHU CHANGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 2831
52011Clinical features of heart failure hospitalization in younger and elderly patients in TaiwanCHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 2324
62015Development of a dietary-induced metabolic syndrome model using miniature pigs involvement of AMPK and SIRT1Li, S.-J.; Liu, C.-H.; Chang, C.-W.; Chu, H.-P.; Chen, K.-J.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T.; Chu, C.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN European Journal of Clinical Investigation 1314
72014Diabetes and breast cancer in Taiwanese women: A detection bias?CHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 119
82013Diabetes and thyroid cancer mortality: A 12-year prospective follow-up of TaiwaneseTseng, Chin-Hsiao; CHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 88
92007Effect of parental hypertension and/or parental diabetes on hypertension in Taiwanese diabetic patientsCHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 1010
102010Effects of acetyl-L-carnitine and oxfenicine on aorta stiffness in diabetic ratsMING-SHIOU WU; Jin-Tung Liang; KUO-CHU CHANGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 79
112001Fatty acid binding protein 2 and insulin resistanceLEE-MING CHUANGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 2021
122009Hypokalemic paralysis: The interplay between primary aldosteronism and hyperthyroidismVIN-CENT WU; WEI-SHUN YANG European Journal of Clinical Investigation 12
132013Low serum fetuin A levels and incident stroke in patients with maintenance haemodialysisChen, Hung-Yuan; Chiu, Yen-Ling; Hsu, Shih-Ping; Pai, Mei-Fen; Yang, Ju-Yeh; Peng, Yu-SenEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 1515
142008Parental diabetes in Taiwanese diabetic women with and without previous gestational diabetesCHIN-HSIAO TSENG; Chang, YH; TSENG, CHIN-HSIAOEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 44
152012Research update for articles published in EJCI in 2010KUO-CHU CHANGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 11
162018The role of pericardial adipose tissue in the heart of obese minipigsWang, C.-Y.; Li, S.-J.; Wu, T.-W.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, J.-W.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T. ; Chen, C.-Y. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 1413
172012The influence of sorafenib on hepatic encephalopathy and the mechanistic survey in cirrhotic ratsHsu, S.-J.; Hsin, I.-F.; Lin, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-C.; Huang, H.-C.; Lee, F.-Y.; Lin, H.-C.; Chang, C.-C.; Lee, S.-D.; YI-CHEN CHEN European Journal of Clinical Investigation 1110
182014Treatment with human insulin does not increase thyroid cancer risk in patients with type 2 diabetesCHIN-HSIAO TSENGEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation 1313