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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12017Incidence and mortality of pancreatic cancer on a rapid rise in Taiwan, 1999-2012CHUN-JU CHIANG Cancer Epidemiology 711
22015Mammographic tumour appearance and triple-negative breast cancer associated with long-term prognosis of breast cancer death: A Swedish Cohort StudyTsau, Huei-Shian; Chen, Yu-Hsuan; HSIU-HSI CHEN ; Yen, Amy Ming-Fang; Wei, Ming-Feng; Wang, Chun-Wei; Fann, Jean Ching-Yuan; Lee, Hsiao-Wei; Wu, Wendy Yi-Ying; Yu, Cheng-Ping; Pan, Shiow-Lin; Gao, Ming; Chen, Sam Li-Sheng; Chiu, Sherry Yueh-Hsia; Kuo, Sung-Hsin; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Tabar, Laszlo; Teng, Che-Ming; Kuo, Wen-Hung; Chen, Hsiu-Hsi ; Chang, King-Jen; 郭頌鑫; 鄭安理; 陳育瑄; 鄧哲明; 王駿瑋Cancer Epidemiology 88
32013Rosiglitazone is not associated with an increased risk of bladder cancerTseng, Chin-Hsiao; CHIN-HSIAO TSENGCancer Epidemiology 1413