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12013The developmental origin of postnatal cardiac regenerationLiu, Y. -H.; Huang, S. -H.; Lin, Y. -S.; Huang, H. -Y.; Lai, L. -P.; Lin, J. -L.European Heart Journal 00
22013The effect of early vs. late ambulation on femoral vascular complication and patients' discomfort after percutaneous coronary interventionChuang, Y. C.; Dai, Y. Z.; Kao, H. L.; Lou, M. F.European Heart Journal 00
32013Improvement of left ventricular diastolic function after surgical relieving of hydronephrosis assessed by global longitudinal strainLin, T. T.; Yeh, C. F.; Wu, C. K.; Tsai, C. T.European Heart Journal 00
42013N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide, left ventricular diastolic function and prognosis in burn patientsLee, J. -K.; Wu, C. K.; Chiang, F. T.European Heart Journal 00
52013Renin-angiotensin system genes polymorphisms and long-term prognosis in patients with hypertension and coronary artery diseaseLee, J. -K.; Wu, C. K.; Lin, T. Z.; Chiang, F. T.European Heart Journal 00
62013Statins reduce the incidence of dementia in patients with atrial fibrillation: a nationwide cohort studyLiao, M. -T.; Tsai, C. T.; Lin, J. L.European Heart Journal 00
72013Twenty-four hour urine aldosterone level predicts left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with primary aldosteronism and essential hypertensionHung, C-S; Ho, Y. L. H. Yi-Lwun; Wu, V. C. W. Vin-Cent; Chueh, S. C. C. Shih-Chieh; Lin, Y. H. L. Yen-Hung; Suii, M. J. S. Ming-Jai; Chen, M. F. C. Ming-Fon; Wu, K. D. W. Kwan-DunEuropean Heart Journal 00