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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11996Bone mineral density in Chinese elderly women with hip fractureRONG-SEN YANGCalcified Tissue International 99
22000Efficacy of a 24-week aerobic exercise program for osteopenic postmenopausal womenMENG-YUEH CHIEN; RONG-SEN YANG; JIN-SHIN LAI Calcified Tissue International 128101
31993Increased bone growth by local prostaglandin E<inf>2</inf>in ratsRONG-SEN YANGCalcified Tissue International 7972
41997Mechanism of the morphological changes induced by staurosporine in rat osteoblastsWEN-MEI FU; RONG-SEN YANGCalcified Tissue International 88
51997Normal data for lumbar spine bone mineral content in healthy Chinese menRUOH-FANG YENCalcified Tissue International 1413
61993Potential role of nuclear magnetic resonance for the evaluation of trabecular bone qualityWehrli, F.W.; Ford, J.C.; Chung, H.-W.; Wehrli, S.L.; Williams, J.L.; Grimm, M.J.; Kugelmass, S.D.; Jara, H.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Calcified Tissue International 4037
71996Sexual differences in bone markers and bone mineral density of normal ChineseRONG-SEN YANGCalcified Tissue International 530