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12006Impact of the menstrual cycle on immunologic markers in HIV-infected Taiwanese women.Chao K-H.; Wu M-Y.; Chen M-J.; Hung C-C.; Ho H-N.*Taiwanese J Obstet Gynecol 
22003Insulin-Like Growth Factors and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus:Interaction and Clinical ImplicationsLEE, CHIEN-NAN; SU, YI-NING; CHENG, WEN- FANG; CHEN, CHI-AN; HSIEH, FON-JOU; 李建南; 蘇怡寧; 鄭文芳; 陳祈安; 謝豐舟TAIWANESE J OBSTET GYNECOL 
32005Internal Herniation through the defect in broad ligament of uterus – a case report.Lu, HF; Chang, DU; Chen, MJ; Chen, SU; Ho, HN; Yang, YSTaiwanese J Obstet Gynecol 
42005Unexpected pregnancy and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following IVF cycle with all embryos frozen : a case reportFu, CF; Lee, TH; Chen, CD; Chen, MJ; Ho, HN; Yang, YS; Yang, YSTaiwanese J Obstet Gynecol