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11994Does the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure Adversely Affect the Histopathological Interpretation of Cervical Conization Specimens?Chen, Ruey-Jien; Lee, Evelyn Fung
21990Fetal Sex and Fetal Weight As Factors on Maternal Alphafetoprotein at Late Normal Singleton PregnanciesChen, Ruey-Jien; Huong, Su-Cheng
31987A Hormone-Producing Thecoma of Broad Ligament Case ReportLin, H. H.; 陳源平; 李鎡堯; Lin, H. H.; Chen, Yuan-Ping; Lee, Tzu-Yao
41988Rapid Karyotyping in Fetuses with Abnormal Sonogram謝豐舟; 柯滄銘; Chang, Fong-Ming; 陳皙堯; Jean, Her-Heng; 莊壽洺; 謝豐舟; 陳皙堯; Chuang, Sou-Ming