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11985The Outcome of Pregnancy After Chemo Therapy for Gestational Trophoblastic DiseaseHuong, Su-ChengBiological Research in Pregnancy 
21986The Outcome of Pregnancy After Chemotheray for Gestational Trophoblastic Disease謝豐舟; Chen, T. C. Gdou; Cheng, You-Tsyr; Hsieh, Ang-Yao; Ouyang, Pei-Chuang; 黃思誠; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Cheng, You-Tsyr; Hsieh, Ang-Yao; Ouyang, Pei-Chuang; Huong, Su-ChengBiological Research in Pregnancy 
31987The Placental Transfer and Concentration Difference in Maternal and Neonatal Serum Uric Acid at Parturition and GestosisChang, F. M.; 周松男; Hsieh, H. Y.; 李鎡堯; Ouyang, P. C.; 陳源平; Chang, F. M.; Chow, Song-Nan; Lee, Tzu-Yao; Chen, Yuan-PingBiological Research in Pregnancy