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11999Age-dependent acrylamide neurotoxicity in mice: Morphology, physiology, and functionWen-Pin Chen; SUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 4940
22001Axotomy along with hypoxia enhances the neuronal NADPH-d/NOS expression in lower brain stem motor neurons of adult ratsJUNE-HORNG LUEExperimental Neurology 1918
31983Control of cardiovascular function by electrical stimulation within the medullary raphe region of the catYen, C.-T.; Blum, P.S.; Spath Jr.; J.A.; CHEN-TUNG YEN Experimental Neurology 3142
42001Cutaneous nerve terminal degeneration in painful mononeuropathySUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 3636
52008Depletion of peptidergic innervation in the gastric mucosa of streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsSUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 1414
62018Distinct TrkA and Ret modulated negative and positive neuropathic behaviors in a mouse model of resiniferatoxin-induced small fiber neuropathySUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 811
72007Effects of decompression on neuropathic pain behaviors and skin reinnervation in chronic constriction injurySUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 2325
82005Effects of rolipram on induction of action potential bursts in central snail neuronsPEI-LIN LIN Experimental Neurology 44
92013Evidence for a detrimental role of TLR8 in ischemic strokeJIANN-SHING JENG; YU-I LI ; Shin-Joe Yeh; Sung-Chun TangExperimental Neurology 2020
101997Immunolocalization of Nitric Oxide Synthases at the Postsynaptic Domain of Human and Rat Neuromuscular Junctions - Light and Electron Microscopic StudiesChih-Chao Yang Experimental Neurology 
112009Neonatal whisker trimming causes long-lasting changes in structure and function of the somatosensory systemLI-JEN LEEExperimental Neurology 4144
122012P2X3-mediated peripheral sensitization of neuropathic pain in resiniferatoxin-induced neuropathySUNG-TSANG HSIEH; JUNE-HORNG LUEExperimental Neurology 2933
131998Regional difference in epidermal thinning after skin denervationWen-Pin Chen; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH; CHIA-TUNG SHUNExperimental Neurology 3433
142007Reversal of ERK activation in the dorsal horn after decompression in chronic constriction injurySUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 1615
151997Sensory and motor denervation influence epidermal thickness in rat foot glabrous skinSUNG-TSANG HSIEHExperimental Neurology 5350
161987Systemic Penicillin As an Experimental Model of EpilepsyChen, Rong-Cuei; How, Shu-WenExperimental Neurology 
172012The systems biology of neurofibromatosis type 1 - Critical roles for microRNALee, Ming-Jen; Hsu, Wei-Hsuan; MING-JEN LEE; Lee, Bao-Hong; Cho, Ji-Hoon; Pan, Tzu-Ming ; Galas, David J.; Wang, KaiExperimental Neurology 53
182008Toll-like receptor-4 mediates neuronal apoptosis induced by amyloid β-peptide and the membrane lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxynonenalSung-Chun TangExperimental Neurology 189187
192007Transplantation of bone marrow stromal cells for peripheral nerve repairChen, C.-J.; Ou, Y.-C.; Liao, S.-L.; Chen, W.-Y.; Chen, S.-Y.; Wu, C.-W.; Wang, C.-C.; Wang, W.-Y.; Huang, Y.-S.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHAN-HUI HSU Experimental Neurology 244226