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12002A reinvestigation of maximal signal drop in dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imagingLiu, Y.-J.; Chung, H.-W.; Huang, I.-J.; Wang, F.-N.; Chin, S.-C.; Lee, C.-S.; Chen, C.-Y.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Journal of Neuroimaging 
22010Clinical and carotid ultrasonographic features of intracranial dural arteriovenous fistulas in patients with and without pulsatile tinnitusJIANN-SHING JENG; LI-KAI TSAI; Shin-Joe YehJournal of Neuroimaging 75
32005Clinical and ultrasonographic manifestations in major causes of common carotid artery occlusionTsai, CF; JIANN-SHING JENG; Chen, Hui-fang; Wu, Ching-yi; Jeng, JS; Lu, CJ; Lin, Keh-chung; Jang, Yuh ; Hwang, BS; Lin, WH; Lin, Shih-chieh; Yip, PK.; Cheng, Ju-wen; Chung, Chia-ying; Yan, YanningJournal of Neuroimaging 2218
42005Clinical and ultrasonographic manifestations of major causese of common carotid artery occlusion鄭建興; 呂建榮; 葉炳強JOURNAL OF NEUROIMAGING 
52014Early changes in brain FDG metabolism during anticancer therapy in patients with pharyngeal cancerJournal of Neuroimaging 107
62006Network Modulation by the Subthalamic Nucleus in the Treatment of Parkinson's DiseaseYEN, RUOH-FANG; TSENG, HAN-MINNEUROIMAGE 
72006Network modulation by the subthalamic nucleus in the treatment of Parkinson’s diseaseTrost, M; Su, S; Su, P; Yen, RF; Tseng, HM; Barnes, A; Ma, Y; Eidelberg, DNEUROIMAGE 
82012Sex- and Age-Related Differences in Brain FDG Metabolism of Healthy Adults: An SPM AnalysisJournal of Neuroimaging 4644
92008Simultaneous bilateral carotid stenting in one session in high-risk patientsWang, YH; JIANN-SHING JENG; CHUNG-WEI LEE; Hsieh, HJ; YA-FANG CHEN; Lee, WC; Jeng, JS; HON-MAN LIU; Chen, YF; Liu, HM.Journal of Neuroimaging 88
102002Using the supraorbital window routinely in transcranial sonography (multiple letters)MENG-FAI KUOJournal of Neuroimaging